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Within the OSK six individual sections, each with its own specialization within the field of art historical research, are active. These sections thus connect researchers who, although spread across the country, are interested in the same topics and research questions. Through the annual section meetings, master classes and other activities, results of current research, new ideas and initiatives can be shared and developed.


Each section is lead by an appointed chair active within a related academic or professional field of study. The six specializations of the sections are strongly related to up to date and current research and are as such subject to change.


The current sections of the OSK are:


  • Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Workshop Practice & History of Art Production
  • Historic Interior and Decorative Arts
  • Italian Art Studies
  • Modern and Contemporary Arts
  • Fine Arts until 1850

More information on the activities of the individual sections can be found under the related header on this website.

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