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March 22 till 24
March 28
Events Calendar April 2018
April 5 and 6
April 10 till 12
April 12
April 12
April 13
April 17
April 18
April 20 and 21
April 20 and 21
April 27
Events Calendar May 2018
May 1
May 15 and 16
May 18
May 23 till 25
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June 8
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November 8 and 9

The various activities of the OSK are coordinated by the secretary, under supervision of the director. They are also the main representatives and contacts of the Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History. In addition various other organs are active within the OSK to create policy, to watch over the educational and various other activities and to ensure exchange between the affiliated institutions.


Below is an overview of the people active in the various organs of the OSK.         


General Management

Mr. prof.dr. K.A. Ottenheym (UU), director OSK

Ms. A. Krul MA (OSK), coordinator


Ms. prof.dr. K. Kwastek (VU)
Mr. prof.dr. F. Grijzenhout (UvA)
Mr. dr. C. Stolwijk (RKD), chair
Mr. prof.dr. V. Manuth (RU)

Mr. prof.dr. K.A. Ottenheym (OSK)

Ms. dr. M. Schavemaker (SMA)

Ms. prof.dr. A.-S. Lehmann (RUG)

Ms. prof.dr. C.J.M. Zijlmans (UL)

Mr. dr. J. Abrahamse (RCE)

Ms. dr. H. Berens (HNI)

Ms. drs. M. Vellekoop (VGM)    
Ms. dr. M. van Thoor (TU) 
Mr. prof.dr. M.A. Weststeijn (UU)

Mr. drs. E. Buijsen (MH)

Mr. prof.dr. G. Weber (RMA)

Mr. prof.dr. P.B.M. van den Akker (OU)

Ms. A. Krul MA (OSK), coordinator


Study Programme Committee 

Mr. prof.dr. V. Manuth (RU), chair

Mr. dr. M. Hurx (UU)

Ms. drs. A. Hopmans (RKD)

Mr. A. Pappot MA (UvA)

Mr. drs.ing. S.J.J. Vreeling (RUG)

Ms. drs. A.N. van Dam (UL)

Ms. E. Noyez MA (VU)

Ms. ir. G.A. Verschuure-Stuip (TUD)

Ms. M. Everaarts  MA (UvA, studentlid)

Ms. A. de Bruijn BA (UU, studentlid)


Mr. prof.dr. K.A. Ottenheym (UU), director OSK

Ms. A. Krul MA (OSK), coordinator

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