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Organization of Activities within the Postgraduate School for Art History


The activities of the OSK are subdivided in two main branches, respectively related to education and research. However, these two branches do not operate strictly separate. Where possible, it is attempted to integrate activities from one branch into the other. As such, students can participate in the meetings of the various specialized sections, which also organize special master classes in the particular field. Students can also get in touch with a section to realize a symposium or related event.  


Below is a brief chart of the subdivision of the OSK’s activities. More information on the various activities or subdivisions can be found under the related headers on the website.


Dutch Postgraduate School for Art History: 





  • Research Master Students
  • PhD Students


RESEARCH (divided into section)


  • Architecture & Urban Planning
  • Workshop Practice & History of Art Production
  • Historic Interior and Decorative Arts
  • Italian Art Studies
  • Modern and Contempory Arts
  • Fine Arts until 1850
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