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STIP: Rijksmuseum – Johan Huizinga Fellowship for historical research (DL: 14/1/2018)
Posted 11-14-2017

The Johan Huizinga Fund/Rijksmuseum Fund offers outstanding postgraduate candidates the opportunity to conduct historical research into objects in the Rijksmuseum collection. Candidates are invited to submit a research proposal that draws on these objects as subject material and as sources of information. The Johan Huizinga Fellowship is awarded annually for a six-month period. The Rijksmuseum will endeavor to enable publication of the Fellow’s research, for example in the series Rijksmuseum Studies in History or The Rijksmuseum Bulletin.


The Rijksmuseum Fellowship Programme

As part of the Rijksmuseum Fellowship Programme, the Johan Huizinga Fellowship is open to MA graduates, as well as PhD-students and post-doctoral candidates. It is set out to train a new generation of museum professionals: inquisitive object-based specialists who will further develop understanding of Netherlandish art and history for the future. The Rijksmuseum will provide working space for the Fellows, in order to stimulate an exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience. Access will be provided to all necessary information in the museum, as well as to the library and the resources of the Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD) in The Hague.


Application and procedure

The closing date for all applications is 14 January 2018, at 6:00 p.m. (Amsterdam time/CET). No applications will be accepted after this deadline. All applications must be submitted online and in English. Applications or related materials delivered via email, postal mail, or in person will not be accepted.


Selection will be made by an international committee in February 2018. The committee consists of eminent scholars in the relevant fields of study from European universities and institutions, and members of the curatorial staff of the Rijksmuseum. Applicants will be notified by 1 March 2018. All Fellowships will start in September 2018.


For further information and application forms, please visit www.rijksmuseum.nl/fellowships


For questions concerning the application procedure, contact Marije Spek, Coordinator of the Fellowship Programme (m.spek@rijksmuseum.nl), +31 (0)20-6747395.

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