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OSK/Stedelijk Museum University Tutorial The Moving Image in the Museum: The Cinema Experience Relocated (o.l.v. em. prof. dr. Thomas Elsaesser)
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October 16 till December 11, 2016
Deadline for application: October 1st 2016

Enrolment is possible until October 1st, 2016


Stedelijk University: Thomas Elsaesser – ‘The Moving Image in the Museum: The Cinema Experience Relocated’

During the past three decades, cinema has redefined itself in several ways: as a post-photographic medium, as global entertainment, and as a still significant public sphere. But it has also entered the museums, galleries and art spaces as a major attraction, a space of self-reflection and a means of activist intervention.

During the series ‘The Moving Image in the Museum: The Cinema Experience Relocated’, professor Elsaesser will investigate the way in which contemporary art is increasingly making use of film, video and the history of cinema. The five sessions are highlights of a series of lectures which Elsaesser gave earlier this year at Columbia University. 

The course will ask how complementary, contradictory or productively challenging are the ‘black box’ and the ‘white cube’ in such a new arrangement of space, duration and spectatorship? Besides case-studies, general topics will include: projection, appropriation, obsolescence, the archive, found footage, documentary and the essay film.


The OSK/Stedelijk Museum Tutorial ‘The Moving Image in the Museum: The Cinema Experience Relocated’ is open to all ResMA and PhD students in the Humanities. Max. 15 participants.  


Teachers: Em. prof. dr. Thomas Elsaesser (Columbia University, New York) / Prof. dr. Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes (UvA).

Coordination: Annelien Krul MA (info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl)

Location: Teijin Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

Fees: No fees for OSK-members.


Application: send an e-mail to info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl. Deadline for application: October 1st 2016.


Sessions: The tutorial consists of six sessions in total – 5 lectures by em. prof. dr. Elsaesser in the Stedelijk Museum & 1 concluding meeting with prof. dr. Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes.


Oct 16:     Opening lecture: Cinema and Museum: Rivals or Partners?
Oct 30:     Between Suspense and Labyrinth: Alfred Hitchcock in the Museum
Nov 13:    The Poetics and Politics of the Obsolete: Tacita Dean and the Materiality of Celluloid
Nov 20 :
   Projection & Transparency - the return of the Phantasmagoric: Johan Grimonprez' Dark Ages
Dec 11 :   Closing lecture: Attention, Distraction & Distribution of the senses.


 The attendance at the lectures is compulsory. In addition, there will be a half-day meeting afterwards, at a date to be agreed, with me. There we will discuss the lectures and matters arising. Students are expected to prepare / complement the lectures with self-directed reading. The relevant literature each student found and can be used to further elucidate a question arising from the lectures, or link the material to their own research projects is the subject of an informal presentation to the group (15 minutes) and leadership of the discussion / close reading that follows


Literature: participants are expected to read and analyze the provided texts before each session. Literature to be announced.


Credits: 3 EC. Students have to check with their home university themselves and in advance whether the transfer of credits for this course is accepted. OSK will provide a certificate with testimonial of work load and EC.


Instruction language: English.


For more information see: http://www.stedelijk.nl/en/calendar/theory/stedelijk-university-the-moving-image-in-the-museum-the-cinema-experience-relocated

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