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OSK-Workshop by Sarah Moran (UU): Opportunities for Study and Research in the United States
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January 26, 2018


Because of structural and cultural differences between European and American higher education systems, particularly in the humanities, students and scholars are often unaware of opportunities across the Atlantic. On 26 January Dr. Sarah Moran will offer a workshop that addresses such opportunities in the United States: the structure of various study and fellowship programs, qualifications and expectations, finding and choosing a program, and how to apply.


Topics covered will include:

  • American PhD programs
  • Institutional and department structures and terminology
  • Residential fellowships for postdoc’s through senior professors
  • Navigating the American job market
All interested (art) historians are welcome to attend.

Date: Friday January 26, 2018

Time: 14.00-17.00 h.

Location: Drift 25, room 0.02 (Utrecht)

Fee: none, but registration is required via info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl 

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