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OSK Masterclass ‘Architectural Drawings and Designs for Furniture’ (Amsterdam)
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15 Maart 2018

OSK Masterclass

‘Architectural Drawings and Designs for Furniture’



On Thursday March 15, the OSK sections Historical Interior and Architectural History combine forces in offering a thematic Masterclass for OSK ResMa-students and PhD-students. The Masterclass will take place in the Rijksmuseum and is organized by Reinier Baarsen (Senior Curator of Furniture, Rijksmuseum) and Pieter Vlaardingerbroek (Assistant Professor, Utrecht University. All interested OSK students  are welcome to apply, both ResMa and PhD.


During the session, two collections of drawings are presented:

  • Architectural drawings  from the Kok Collection of the Dutch Royal Antiquarian Society (KOG).
  • Furniture designs from the collection of the Decorative Art Fund (Rijksmuseum).


The Kok Collection houses examples of architectural drawings of Amsterdam canal houses and interiors. The nature of the collection is rather diverse, varying from presentation drawings to sketches. The Decorative Art Fund holds a variety of European designs for applied arts and furniture.



13:30     Meet in the Atrium (Rijksmuseum), information desk

13:45     Lecture ‘Dutch Architectural Designs (1625-1875)’ by Pieter Vlaardingerbroek

Lecture ‘International designs for furniture from the collection of the Decorative Art Fund’ by Reinier Baarsen

14:30    Drawings on view

16:30    Drinks


The speakers will present a selection of designs that will demonstrate the stylistic development of drawings. Special interest will be given to the different purposes of the drawings (sketch, design, study drawing, detail drawings). Architects tend to make orthogonal drawings, while furniture makers use perspective drawings. The chosen method is often a result of the function of the drawing within the process of design or execution. Topics to be discussed are functions of the drawings, differences in presentation between architectural drawings and furniture designs, the stylistic development of the architectural drawing (1680-1875) and the hand of the draughtsman.



Date: March 15, 2018

Location & time: Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, 13:30 – 16:30h, followed by drinks

Available places: 15

Fee: none


Apply by sending a short motivation to info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl before January 21, 2018.



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