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OSK Sectiedag Moderne en Contemporaine Kunst (Utrecht)
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March 9, 2018

OSK Section Meeting Modern & Contemporary Art 2018

Date: Friday March 9, 2018

Time: 12.30 – 17.00, followed by drinks

Location: Janskerkhof 15A (room 0.04), Utrecht

Costs: none, but seating is limited


RSVP before March 1 to reserve a seat (info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl)


The OSK section Modern & Contemporary Art, headed by Katja Kwastek (VU) and Ann-Sophie Lehmann (RUG), invites you to a State-of-the-Art-Meeting of our field in the Netherlands. The section meeting offers a great opportunity to meet & greet and form a sense of the national research and teaching infrastructures.  


During the section meeting, departments will present their research programs and future ambitions. Furthermore, current and recently finished PhD students will give a short poster presentation on their project. In addition we will take the chance to welcome the new professor in modern and contemporary art history, Eva-Maria Troelenberg (UU). The section meeting mainly focuses on research at universities, this time, while the final statement of Centraal Museum-director Bart Rutten should be seen as a ‘teaser’ for a future meeting focusing on research in museums and research institutes.  


Preliminary program:

12:30-13:00: Welcome with coffee and tea, and the opportunity to see the PhD posters.


13:00-14:00: Research on Modern and Contemporary Art at Dutch Universities: brief statements by members of the respective departments.


14:00-14:20: Presentation of the new chair of Modern and Contemporary Art of Utrecht University, Eva-Maria Troelenberg.


14:20-14:30: Visions on future cooperation amongst Universities by Katja Kwastek (VU), Ann-Sophie Lehmann (RUG),  Mia Lerm-Hayes (UvA),  Eva-Maria Troelenberg (UU) and Kitty Zijlmans (UL).


14:30-15:00: Plenary discussion  


15:00-15:30: Coffee break, with the opportunity to see the PhD posters.


15:30-16:30: PhD projects on Modern and Contemporary Art: short poster presentations by current and recently finished PhD students.


16:30-17:00: Vision on cooperation with Museums by Bart Rutten, artistic director of the Centraal Museum.


 17:00-18:00: Drinks, with the opportunity to see the PhD posters.



We hope to welcome you on March 9!


RSVP before March 1 to reserve a seat (info@onderzoekschoolkunstgeschiedenis.nl)

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